Leslie Mandelson Freudenheim

Profile Updated: December 19, 2015
Residing In: New York, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: Tom L. Freudenheim
Homepage: freudenheim.com
Occupation: writer, formerly museum director & curator
Children: Alexander (called Sascha) b. 1971 lives in NYC, married to Nina; daughter age one, Margot
Adam lives More…in London born 1974
married to Victoria; Susanna age 5, Max age 3, Nina age 1
Yes! Attending Reunion

I just published my 3rd book.

Click on the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/0996864105
to buy or see details (at $19.95 with 101 photos this book makes a great gift for age 12+).
Happy Reading! Happy Giving! Happy Holidays!
“Out of every score of books on Frank Lloyd Wright, usually only one is worth reading. This is one.”
William Allin Storrer, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, A Complete Catalog, Updated 3rd Edition.

School Story:

This requires some thought.
I recall being a crossing guard and I think Helen Runnels did it with me. Zatela Beaver was beautiful; where is she now? Kevin was a track and football star while I was a pom pom girl. I remember so many happy days and have such good memories (except one). Do you remember sitting on the steps outside the candy store? More later.

Which classmates have you maintained contact with?

I was in contact with Jackie Johnson and Jill Fritschi before each died. Karen Greenwood stayed in NYC with us for several days. I invited Kelly but she hasn't been able to come when we are here (we travel as much as possible).

What has been your favorite travel destination?


Where have you not been that you would like to go?


What have you always wanted to do that you have not yet done?

I consider myself totally blessed.

What is your opinion of our federal congress in light of recent budget discussions?

We should throw out the entire congress, as Mark Twain suggested.

1. Current congress doesn't acknowledge that climate change is here; it's not something in the far future.

2. We're no longer a democracy. We're a plutocracy. The very rich control the congress which writes loopholes or laws that benefit them specifically.

3. We need to re-instate Glass-Steagall so taxpayers will never have to bail out the rich banks again.

4. We should force the supreme court/and or the congress to overturn Citizens United which put the top 1% of the rich in charge of the rest of us.

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I just published Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Played With Blocks, A Short Illustrated Biography. It's $9.99 as ebook and $19.99 in print. A great gift for yourself or someone else, age 12 up.

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Joan Payne Getz
Jan 19, 2014 at 8:13 AM

I remember you well, your house on Moraga, and many great times we had together. Where do you live now and when I figure out how to find your profile I 'll know more. I live with Tom, husband of 50 years, in Manhattan. It's been an exciting life filled with art, museums, and great traveling. We're in Sri Lanka now. Fond regards, Liz/Leslie Mandelson freudenheim